Welcome to Ralph Eaton Projects


My sculptures are assemblages that incorporate a wide range of ordinary objects. I have a proclivity for sewing as a fabrication process, and fur and discarded stuffed animals as materials. The game I like to play is making the familiar unfamiliar. My work strategy sometimes becomes an ongoing project that I work on for years, or alternately, an object can be manipulated quickly with a simple intuitive alteration. Works are presented both as installation and as stand alone small pieces. The sculptures amplify the absurdity of objects that dominate and clutter our culture. 

In my digital works I manipulate either appropriated images, or my own photographs. I think of the computer as a painting/drawing machine that I use to produce images with the same goal as with my 3D work; to disrupt the code and make the familiar unfamiliar. Visually the works relate to a psychedelically altered view of reality. Some digital images utilize text as a material, and read as visual poetry.